Like being there

You should, if you can, head off to Den Haag and The Maurishuis to see the beautiful city and art but if you can’t and would like to see the most famous Vermeer in the world, this photo will save you money on┬áthe trip. Of all the photos of Het meisje met de parel I’ve seen on-line, this is the most realistic impression of what it’s like to stand in front of the painting. Click to zoom in!



Even in death, there is beauty.


Google Translate #fail

Would you like to try again Google?



I actually just say nothing and thereby appear rude. That’s easier than explaining.

Keep calm and remain…


You know you want to, even if you did vote to leave.

Forth Bridge 2

It’s coming along, let’s hope the weather eases up to let them finish it.


Water as lens


I stole this from the internet and you can see why.

Middle Earth

Even if it contains some dangerous creatures, Middle Earth has more appeal at the moment than living in the UK! This is the one recently on display in Oxford and annotated by JRRT himself!