I’ve just taken delivery of the first of this week’s two watches, the legendary Seiko Orange Monster or if you’re being precise, model ref: SKX781K. The watch has achieved much fame on the internet for providing a huge amount of watch, literally and figuratively, for bugger all money.

After having held it in my hands for only a matter of minutes, I can tell that such high estimations of its quality are not overstated.

The OM comes on a substantial stainless steel bracelet which adds to the feeling of quality. Its chief attractions are; the brightest lume on just about any watch one can buy anywhere, having both a day and date on the dial, a reliable and resilient movement, a solid stainless steel case and drilled lugs to allow easy strap changes. This is my first watch with an orange dial and one of the reasons I like this is the way that the black edged hands provide an excellent and highly readable contrast.

Things which are less appealing are the fact that movement does not hack, cannot be hand wound and is not adjusted before leaving the factory, which means that it’s not necessarily initially accurate. The domed, hardlex crystal is not as scratch resistant as sapphire or as easy to polish as acrylic. However the movement can be regulated to provide sound accuracy and if one does zap the crystal, it can be replaced with an after market sapphire version. But doing these would to be miss the point of the watch. It is a fun, cheap, daily wearer when you want to rest more expensive residents of your collection. Mine came from Singapore, delivered with no taxes or handling fees for £130, 4 days after the order was placed. Nice.

For a “monster” watch, the OM does not wear or feel that large, and certainly these day there are many much larger watches available. The watch measures 42mm in diameter but feels smaller because of the width of the bezel and the accompanying bezel guards. It is heavy on the steel bracelet but I have yet to remove a couple of links to size it. The pin and collar system is more fiddly than a simple screw system but is easily managed once one is familiar with the concept and has the correct tools to hand.

We’ll see how I get on with it but initial impressions are certainly favourable.

A quick and dirty pic of the Monster on the wrist, with some other orangey things.

3 thoughts on “Monster!

  1. Nice Mr. W.
    A very eye-catching timepeice. As long as it doesn’t feel as if you’re walking around with a satsuma on your wrist.

  2. I typed the first comment after reading the blog, not realising there was another image at the bottom.
    Hours later I read the whole thing again…
    now that is spooky.

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