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Flash clock

Well one of my new favourite sites is RolexForums where you can meet a great variety of Rolex lover, experts, serious collectors and loons. The wealth of information available on there is astonishing, covers vintage models, rumours of what the company are bringing out, detailed model and version differences and for the brave, repair advice.

I’ve been on a few forums around the web but there are few places where the membership are genuinely so pleasant, willing to share and friendly. For example, I have Jeff Coleman to thank for the very neat Submariner flash clock which now graces the blog. You too can have a Rolex! He’s also created some excellent screen savers, Windows users only at the moment, if you would like to try them out.

Back off there now for another fix…

4 comments to Flash clock

  • I am impressed, first i though this was only about Rolex clocks, but then i went to visit Jeff Coleman website, and must admit that his clocks are impressive, really great design and some action script, the real work is the design, making the pointers go around is not difficult, that is easy really. thanks for sharing, good one!

  • davidw

    Yep Flash Clock,

    Jeff Coleman has talent and he’s not limited to Rolexes. I like this Panerai!

  • I tried so hard to start creating flash clocks with that quality as JC does but, it took me 2 weeks and a half to finish one clock, i must admit that without practice, both in adobe flash and Photoshop to create some designs, it took take a month or more to make flash clocks like with that amazing quality of design.

    Nevertheless i did one already, it is on my front-page actually, and it is one of the most used flash clocks i have on my website, i just hope i can become that good.

  • Flash Clocks,

    Thanks for visiting again, you have a very nice site there and a great selection of designs. I’ve downloaded a few for use here and there on a couple of sites I am involved with.

    If you’re referring to clock-179 – I think it’s clear, elegant and reminds me of a classic Rolex, the Explorer I. More power to you!

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