Amsterdam & Utrecht 01—05/09/14

Dutch holidays since 2014
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The Amstel in beautiful sunshine - a breath of fresh air after some of the confined and busy streets
A very moving place to visit. I went round with a party of Dutch schoolchildren who were shocked to see footage of the concentration camps. Never forget.
Part of the queue for the Anne Frank Huis
My first night in Amsterdam - magical
Johannes Vermeer's View of Delft in the Maritshuis - arguably it should be more famous that the Girl with the pearl earring who is on the wall opposite, so…
Colour co-ordinated towers in Den Haag
The Montelbaanstoren with Nemo in the background from the Keizersbrug
Carel Fabritius' Goldfinch also in the Mauritshuis in Den Haag - I'd love to smuggle this one out...
The Goldfinch in situ
Yes I'm in Amsterdam, in front of the Rijksmuseum. This was very early in the morning, before the (other) tourists arrived.