Watches I Like 06/04/09—06/03/19

A collection of shots stolen from the web.
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This is the famed Rolex 5517 Royal Navy Rolex Submariner or "MilSub" with sword hands, fixed spring bars, a fully indexed bezel and a price tag of close to…
Another Rolex 5517 - you can see that the lume on the hands has blown slightly on this one.
A beautiful shot of a 5513 Submariner in perfect condition from the 1970s.
A Rolex 1680 “Red” Submariner with a plexi top hat crystal and red print on the dial. This is my grail watch and would cost about £12-£15,000.
A Rolex Explorer 1610 from the 60s or 70s before Rolex used applied white gold markers.
Another Rolex Explorer 1610 with the lume on the dial not being as crisp as the previous example. I’d love one but they are 36mm diameter and therefore would be…
Two Rolex from the 1950s which were used on the first ascent of Mount Everest.
A rather lovely GMT Master now owned by a former work colleague.
One of the few TT (two tone) watches I would own, a TT GMT IIc I love the colour combination of white, green, gold, black and steel. Very swish.
Another former work colleague’s watch, a Stowa Marine Deck watch in black with Arabic numerals, hand-winding and very well built.