Stupid Siri

After many years, I’ve been tempted back into the world of Mac computers. I needed one to do my new job effectively but as it’s been at least 16 years since I had to buy a new computer for myself, I decided to push the boat out and buy a new MacBook Pro. Very nice it is too!

It took very little time to readjust my muscle memory to reach for the command ⌘ key rather the control key on a non-Mac keyboard and remember that the @ key is on the 2 key and not over on the right, past the L. Much has moved on since I last regularly used a Mac and yet for all its cunningness and ability, the Mac OS still causes me some merriment.

Siri is, according to Apple; “an intelligent personal assistant.” Is it? I wonder. Clearly, the word “next” confused it more than somewhat.


However, I’ll forgive it since the other experiences of using the MPB and refamiliarising my Mac brain (definitely the left side) have been a pleasure – even if my wallet is still feeling the pinch.

Best of all though, is the sheer joy of being able to use Nisus Writer Pro again. This is simply the best word processor for writers, academics and “the rest of us.” I used it years ago on my old G3 and G4 Macs prior to OS X’s introduction. The original OS X version was not to my taste but enough time has elapsed for the company to improve the application and for me to reappreciate its power and ease of use. I may well write a review someday, it deserves the time and effort. However, I’d love it even more if I could change the appearance of the new version from this.

to this, the old OS 8 or 9 version, which I still think is the best looking, cleanest UI there is or is likely to ever be. That applies to both the OS and Nisus Writer 5.1.1.

PS: Don’t expect it to be able to cope with hideously, malformed tables which have been imported from Word. If you want anything normal in that regard, use LibreOffice.

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