Another G-Shock?

I didn’t mean to but I seem to have bought another G-Shock. It wasn’t my fault. The nice people – or as I think of them, the enablers – on TZUK made me do it by posting pictures of their latest acquisitions.

However I can console my worried conscience by means of three worthwhile rationalisations. First, I was able to practice ordering in Dutch, the online reseller being based in Rotterdam. Second, it is a truism in the watch world that G-Shocks do not really count when totting up the total number of watches in one’s collection. I readily and fully accept this. Third, my Dutch friends were able to offer the watch and ship it across the channel cheaper than I could find it in any UK shop or eBay vendor.

The G-Shock DW-5035D-1B forms part of the 35th anniversary series, celebrating the launch of the first G-Shock. So its looks echo that first model and it follows the all steel case construction beneath a resin bezel, this one has gold accents and unique dot-matrix screen effect – I like it.

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