There are many hideous things in the world; kittens, weddings, peppers and of course the biggies, poverty, famine and the Liberal Democrats.

Then there is this.

This monstrosity is an Invicta 0337 Arsenal reserve chronograph. In other words, it’s trying to be two watches, a diver’s and a chronograph. Functionally it may be able to achieve both goals, aesthetically it’s vomit inducing. It has one advantage, should you ever want to wear this for diving, you would not require that much more ballast. It’s face’s diameter is a door-frame smacking 63mm or 2.5″ which is a good 23mm larger than most gents’ wrist watches. You know, normal sized watches for normal people.

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, and so if this does take your fancy, luckily it’s cheap. Did you not spot that already? Yours for £300. The taste bypass is thrown in for free.

2 thoughts on “Hideous

  1. Adil,

    If you really want to buy this hideous thing, and I question that you do actually want that, may I suggest a Google search. Splash out the $2,795 it will cost you and stand back as everyone admires your taste and longer left arm!

    Best of luck to you!


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