Rolex Day is today!

Well the very nice people in Hamilton & Inches have sorted me out with a lovely Rolex Submariner Date – model 16610.

The experience was very pleasant indeed, Stuart knows his Rolexes. We had an interesting chat while fitting the watch, about rumoured changes Rolex are going to make to future Submariners. The intention is to make them dressier, removing them somewhat from their diving heritage. These include replacing the matt metal bezel with a glossier ceramic one, using polished links on the strap rather than the current brushed steel and finally stamping the word Rolex repeatedly around the rehaut (the metal edge inside the watch above the dial) as an anti-counterfeiting measure. Like this.


Mine was going to be one of the last “old style” Submariners they were likely to have and that if the rumoured changes happened there could be delays in getting the new style. Not that I needed much persuasion to make my purchase, I prefer the plain style and so whipped out Mr. Visa.

I will have to return in the next couple of weeks to have a link changed. While the watch as it came fitted my wrist, it was slightly too tight, I prefer a loose fit, ideally being able to get a finger in between watch and wrist. Stuart fitted an extra link from a GMT to ensure I had a comfortable fit. This one is polished steel which will do, until the correct Submariner link arrives.

Wearing an object of desire is a rather strange (but good) feeling. I can’t quite believe it, and added to this sense of disbelieve is a wonder at the back of my mind if it’s a genuine watch! Stupid I know, as that’s precisely why I bought new rather than second hand and from THE authorised dealer in Edinburgh. It will take a little getting used to.

I’ve wanted one for over ten years and now that I have it, I’m very pleased. It feels natural, if heavy and is just the right size. The TAG was slightly too small, and the Omega divers watches I’ve seen were too big.

So today, I’m one happy chappy. I may even open a bottle or two to celebrate!

Finally a rather crappy shot of my wrist with watch.

My Rolex

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