Welcome to my blog which has now become, thanks to WordPress’ software, my main web presence.

Wicked Fire is not always for the faint hearted  as I value freedom of speech but as the site has changed, the inclusion of other interests may have a dilatory effect. Then again, when the mood takes me…

Please note that this is my personal web site and blog and that the views expressed within are mine alone and do not represent the views of anyone else. Please also note that sometimes they do not even represent my views, which have been known to change from moment to moment.

Similarly, while I welcome comments from contributors, these are the views of the contributor who is solely responsible for them, responsible both legally and morally. If you do not accept this condition, do not post.

The fact that a contributor’s comment appears on this site does not necessarily indicate that the comment reflects my views or that I agree with or endorse them. I reserve the right to amend, edit or delete any comment posted on this blog, as I see fit, without notice. Beyond that, knock yourselves out!


October 2017