Death List


Current Tally – 46 Down – 4 Left Standing

The original concept of the death list was in each year to suggest 50 people “ripe for plucking.” From those that survived, no more than 25 could be transferred to the succeeding year’s list. However after two hugely unsuccessful years, in which my selected geriatrics and terminally afflicted survived month after month, I’ve unilaterally changed the rules of the game.

Now my death list is a last man standing list. Let’s see who can resist the grim reaper’s ministrations for longest. And just to nail my colours to the mast, my money on who that will be is……

Father Jack aka Frank Kelly – all that booze must have had some form of preservative effect. Alas no! Father Jack succumbed – the Toilet Duck got him in the end.

Momento mori!

Candidate for Death Age Occupation
Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi Lockerbie Bomber
Ariel Sharon Ex PM Israel
Basil D’Oliveira Test case
BB King Blues Legend
Betty Ford Dispo
Blake Edwards Pink Panther Film Director
Carol Channing 97 Hello Dolly!
Chapman Pincher Spycatcher
Clifton James Sherriff J.W.Pepper
Dino de Laurentiis Film Mogul
Dom Mintoff Ex Malta PM
Eli Wallach The Ugly
Elizabeth Taylor
Eric Sykes Sykes
Erich Priebke SD Hauptsturmführer
Fats Domino Pianist
Frank Kelly Father Jack
Gabriel García Márquez Author
George Cole Minder
Giulio Andreotti Last week’s Italian PM
Gore Vidal Polemecist
Guy Hamilton Bond film director
Henry Cecil Horse trainer
Jack Klugman Quincy
Jeremy Thorpe Animal Lover
Kirk Douglas 101 Sparticus
Liz Dawn Vera Duckworth
Liz Smith Actress
Margaret Thatcher Iron lady
Michael Foot Labour leader
Nancy Reagan Former First lady
Nelson Mandela “Terrorist” or “Freedom fighter”
Norman Wisdom Slap sticker
Olivia De Havilland 101 Gone with the wind?
Patrick Moore Astronomer
Peter Falk Columbo
Phyllis Diller Comedienne
Prince Philip 97 Xenophobe
Ravi Shankar The sixth Beatle
Ray Bradbury Author
Billy Graham (ex) God botherer
Richard Attenborough Luvvie
Ronnie Biggs Train robber
Severiano Ballesteros Seve
Sir Bernard Lovell Radio Astronomer
Steve Jobs Nerd
Václav Havel Poet President
Vo Nguyen Giap NVA General
Yitzhak Shamir Ex PM Israel
Zsa Zsa Gabor Slapper