Scottish Power(cut)

Greetings from the third world country that is Scotland. A land in which it’s seemingly impossible for power companies to maintain an adequate supply for longer than a couple of months before a power cut strikes.

I can tell when I’ve suffered another of these when the microwave’s clock shows: 00:00. My Mac and Linux computers were also powered off. Luckily they have journaled file systems, so no data loss has been detected.

I run High Sierra, 10.13.5, so I used System Information (alt About this Mac) to examine the Power Management log, under Software/Logs. This showed Scottish Power(cut) had failed to provide enough juice at or shortly after 02:35:14 am.  Below that you can see the power off and reboot times.

2018-07-07 02:35:14 +0100 Assertions PID 39(UserEventAgent) Released BackgroundTask “”  [System: BGTask]

Time stamp Domain Message Duration Delay
========== ====== ======= ======== =====
UUID: (null)
2018-07-07 10:25:13 +0100 Start powerd process is started

Call me a cynic but that timing, looks suspiciously like a planned reboot.
Regardless, Scottish Power(cut) are a shower of bastards and renationalisation is the only answer.

Bust a gut


Camila Batshitcrazy and Alan Yentob were before the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee yesterday – and they just didn’t get it. They ran a charity, badly, not an off-shoot of the NHS, DoE or any other government department, which was not entitled to any public money, especially without oversight. On display were two egocentric, self-aggrandizing fantasists, certainly on her part, refusing to accept any responsibility for any failure or the consequences for the charity. It was EVERYBODY else’s fault.

While it’s apparently taken 10 years or so for the establishment to wake up to the fact that Kids Co. was on financial shaky ground (cue joke about Camilla walking past)- at least the National Audit Office is looking into the provision of public funds, which seem to have in part been spent subsidising drug pushers in South London.

“Yentob said that a boy had been murdered, while there were stabbings and four suicide attempts as the ‘consequence of the absence of a place for these children to go.’
Mr Jenkin MP retorted: “We have been advised that these incidents occurred because the kids no longer had money to pay their drug pushers.”

An example of her bravado; “On what basis, have you decided that this was a ‘failing’ charity?” Bernard Jenkin MP, chair of the committee replied, “It’s gone bust.”

Neil Oliver

Neil will know more about Scottish history than I will pick up, or indeed care to know, in my lifetime. However, I feel I can pass on these two pieces of advice.

One. Get over yourself.

Two. Take a fucking haircut.


Click for the full horror.

EDIT: I wonder if Neil’s related to Mary Livingstone, wife of renowned Scottish explorer and god botherer?


Chris Evans – Top Gear

New Top Gear presenter, Chris Evans, is seeking ; “potential petrolhead talent to join him on the new series of Top Gear!” Those wishing to join the ginger twat have to send in a video clip of 30 seconds duration. I could send him one but it would probably be classed as improper use of a public electronic communications network contrary to S. 127 of the Communications Act 2003. So I’ll do it here instead.


Here’s an excellent example of why he grates.

  • He’s sitting on what is doubtless an incredibly expensive car- twat
  • He’s not wearing shoes- twat
  • He is wearing turquoise trousers- twat
  • He’s waving a Union Jack- twat
  • He’s wearing a panama hat- twat
  • Despite wearing a hat, his inherent gingerness is still evident- twat
  • He’s smiling with those stupid rabbit teeth- twat
  • His pose demonstrates his attention-seeking smugness – twat
  • He’s being paid a fortune to do the above – twat

I won’t be watching anything with him in it – I physically couldn’t.

Americans and guns

Following news that a 2 year old shot his mother dead when rifling (oh dear) through her handbag, these thoughts occurred.

What fear does she have that she feels the need to carry a loaded, uncontrolled, cocked gun in her handbag while shopping with children?

When I leave my flat each morning, I don’t check to see whether I have a deadly weapon concealed about my person, nor do I resent not being able to have one.

Will the Americans ever grow up and leave that cowboy nonsense behind them?

Sadly it’s not an isolated incident, remember the nine year old girl who killed her instructor with a fully loaded UZI machine gun?

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

That may be true but it’s a lot easier to do it when guns pervade your society.